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    Residents will be assigned based on project and length of stay to private living quarters of either a cabin or apartment.  There are shared, clean “dry” bathrooms, 2 rainwater flush toilets and solar heated showers.  

    The cabins are furnished with hammock, chairs, table, lights, fan, bed and front porch. Cabins have electricity and small gas stoves for making tea and one is next to virgin forest. 

    The apartment/lofts are furnished with writing desk, beds, hammocks, some have easel and each are near a bathroom. The cabins could be suitable for 2 people if the proposal is submitted as a duo and the 2 are extremely compatible.    

    Currently all laundry is done by each individual by hand. We encourage everyone to consider waste and use of water.  We have one bathhouse/sauna that is similar to a Balinese setup…simple, clean, and refreshing.  

    `There is a large supermarket, hardware store, small restaurant, video rental, bakery, bank, use clothing bazaars, internet point in town, and in the nearby regional larger town one can find most anything including tahini, organic wine, sunflower seeds, etc. 

    There are some things grown on the lands or available from neighbors on availability (bananas, plantains, cilantro, cheese, eggs, lettuce, some fruits are wild from local trees, etc.)  Many buses pass thru on the pueblo on a daily basis connecting to every part of the country and also to the border of Panama (45 mins).  The area is safe and the water clean to drink. 

    Accommodation is assigned on need/duration, and project.  Because this is a “center”, every location is fluid and flexible.

    Home stays with local families can also be arranged.  Nearby in other villages are other privately run botanical “cabanas”.



    Los artistas residentes van a ser designados en viviendas privadas de un

apartamento o una cabaña dependiendo de su proyecto inicial de propuesta. Hay baños limpios comunales, y duchas calentadas por medio de paneles solares. Las cabinas estas amuebladas con una hamaca, sillas, mesa, luz, abanico, cama y un porche.

    Las cabinas cuentan con electricidad y cocina de gas pequeña para hacer té. Los apartamentos están amueblados con un escritorio, camas, hamacas, algunos traen un caballete y están localizados cerca de los baños.

    Las cabinas son aptas para 2 personas si la propuesta inicial se propone para un duo o dos personas que son extremadamente compatibles.

    Actualmente toda la lavandería se hace a mano por cada individuo. Todavía no hay refrigeradores, pero pronto. No hay baños con agua, sino que son como estilo Balinese, simples refrescantes y limpios. Hay agua caliente durante el día solamente.    

    Hay un supermercado grande, una ferretería, un restaurante pequeño, un lugar para rentar videos, una panadería, un banco, un bazaar de ropa, un lugar con acceso a internet, y en el pueblo regional más grande contiguo, se pueden encontrar más variedades como tahini, vino orgánico, semillas de girasol, etc.

    Hay también comidas crecidas por los vecinos como bananos, plátanos, culantro, queso, huevos, lechuga y algunas frutas. También en los alrededores pueden encontrar frutas en los árboles. Muchos buses pasan por el pueblo regularmente y conectan esta área con el resto del país e incluso con el borde de Panamá (queda a 45 minutos).

    La zona es razonablemente segura y el agua es rica y potable.

The hummingbird tower sleeps up to 8 people or can be divided into 4 private bedrooms, or 2 large apartments, or 1 large classroom.  the upstairs isa 25’ x 25’ octagon yoga/dance/workshop space.  The area can be enclosed for evening or inclement weather as needed.

the butterfly kitchen area is suitable for dining up to 22 or more people.  it has a lounge and can also be used for a teaching area.  There are “trap” doors that allow for theatrical use from the 2nd floor.  A covered large outdoor deck also provides space for workshops or yoga.

The “Duende Loft” is a private apartment above the kitchen.  With several windows, skylights and a loverly balcony, this is where the elves hang out!

There are 2 private cabins, Casa Jaguar and Casa Luna. Each 2-story building has a large studio space on the lower level, furnished with chairs, tables, hammocks, sink and a front balcony.  The sleeping loft area has a writing desk and 2 beds. The bathrooms are separate and nearby.

The “Cedar Loft” is located above the Iguana Factory.  It is a studio with beds, writing desks and a lovely balcony with view of Vulcan Baru in Panama. Skylights illumine the area during the day.  Adajacent is the greenhouse and solar drying room.

Casa “Aquila” is a private residence and can be available during low season upon request.  It is a 2 story house with full kitchen, garden, 2 art studios and office.  A large balcony has a view of the entire valley.

The “Dolphin Spa” is a solar heated bath house.  Exquisite ceramic mosaic surrounds the tub for inspiring soaks.

Cocina Mariposa

The Butterfly Kitchen

Templo Colibrí

The Hummingbird Tower

Rodeado por la naturaleza

Templo Colibrí